What you know so far

There is a wall surrounding Anastasia Island that you can touch, but it makes you feel nauseous. Only those able to see the unseen can see it. It is called a Spirit Wall, the Darkness; and it is able to hurt ghosts but not spirits.

Ghosts you have met: Elizabeth, Catalina, Harry, The War Chief

Supernatural things you have encountered: Ghosts (all), Mage (except Conrad)

There is a greater occurrence of people being able to see the unseen since the wall came up on the first day of winter, but not more ‘Awakenings’ whatever those are.

Olivia a Geist has been trying to find out as much about you as she could before she ever met you.

LARPers created this wall by playing about with things they shouldn’t have. One of the LARPers is Madame Zaroni’s son. The LARPers are known to ‘play’ at Anastasia State Park.

There is a strong occult presence here now. Most want the wall down. A few worship the wall.

Larpers had mage try to awaken them, got them deranged and ‘awakened’ a minor nexus point into a major nexus point. That mage ‘Putin’ is interred in Boston by his mentor who showed up out of no where.

Professor Dan Skye (crazy dude from beach) is the leader of the wall worshipers and thinks revering the wall will make it go away. He is an archeologist. He knew the nexus point issue.

The readings you got seem to match…more on that later.


Specialized Equipment:

“Camera Light Meter” Ghost Detector – Flash green for ghost, Red for Spirits

“Geiger Counter” Magic Detector – Fae, Werewolf, Vampire, Ghost, Geist, Mage, Low “If it registers fae, run for your life”

“Stick” Break in half to save self

Jezi geomancer, Peresphone – healer

“Bag of Rocks” Agate (Activation), Quartz (Protection), Malachite (Transformation), Hematite (Against Demons/Spirits), Tiger Eye (Awareness)

Journey into the twilight may yield trip to Mage Library.

What you know so far

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