readings you got

Flash’s reading with the tarroka deck:

Focus: Wizard

Past: (Far) Enchanter {Beth taken by Fae} (Near) Beast {?}

Future: (Far) Beggar {?} (Near) Thief {?}

Opposing: (Distant) Esper – Psionic {?} (Close) Darklord {?}

Supporting: (Distant) Traitor {?} (Close) Abjuror {Jak Hart}

Raul’s reading with the mage deck:

Focus: King of Cups

Past: (Far) 10 of Pentacles {Family Disputes – Over Voodoo} (Near) 6 of Swords {Secrets Revealed – Family History}

Future: (Far) King of Pentacles {A Brute ?} (Near) 7 of Cups {A Choice ?}

Opposing: (Distant) Ace of Swords {Violence, War, Misery ?} (Close) Knight of Cups {Liar, Addict, Borderline Sociopath ?}

Supporting: (Distant) Strength {Fortitude, True Strength, Forces Arcanum ?} (Close) Queen of Pentacles {Intuitive Woman, Protective of ‘Family’ {Jak Hart}

Nina’s dice reading:

The Warrior, The Road, The Gem (magical item) {Agate Slab with Runes that looks like Rock}, Illusion, Passion

readings you got

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