Beyond The Wall

The Beginnings

So, Tony decided that he wanted more time to make a Battletech Character and I told him he would need to distract Jacob. They came up with me running a campaign. I chatted with Marcos today and he thought a haunted lighthouse campaign would be fun and asked what the worse thing that could happen was. My response…I could become addicted to gming…

And so I invite you to come Beyond the Wall…

Your Incentive

So, you know…

The incentive for your characters to take this assignment is pretty extensive.

Payment for this investigation: $2000 up front. $1000 minimum upon submission of findings. Hard evidence of the truth (ghost exist or don’t exist) will earn you an additional $3000 dollars.

Expenses: All expenses paid provided you follow the itinerary.

Contract required.

Only select individuals are being offered this assignment. Some by telephone call and some by online postings keyed to their IP address.

Contract for Investigation

The undersigned parties hereby agree to the following terms of employment for an investigative assignment to take place in St. Augustine, Florida:

I. The contracted shall seek to ascertain the truth about rumored ghostly incidents in the St. Augustine area particularly focusing on Anastasia Island.

II. The contracted shall follow the itinerary that will be provided unto them for the three weeks stay in St. Augustine.

III. The contracted shall not engage in another contract until this one is fulfilled.

IV. The contracted agrees to abide by the non-disclosure agreement concerning all final findings and terms of reimbursement.

V. The contracted shall not use cold iron equipment for the duration of this contract.

VI. The contracted shall return all specialized equipment provided by the contractor upon completion of this contract.

VII. All communication between the contracted and the contractor is considered privileged in all courts of law and are bound by the same tenets as communication with a doctor or lawyer.

VIII. The contractor agrees to provide $2000 as a retainer with an additional $1000 to be paid upon submission of findings.

IX. The contractor will provide of bonus of up to $3000 for any hard evidence of ghostly activity, lack of ghostly activity, or change in ghost behavior. Any concrete information as to what caused the upsurge of rumored ghostly incidents and methods of elimination of said cause will be subject to additional bonuses.

X. The contractor will pay all expenses for this investigation as outlined in the itinerary including hotel accommodations, meals, and all sightseeing events listed on said itinerary.

XI. The final findings must be presented to the CSR assigned to this contract a minimum of one week before the changing of the seasons.

I, _____, hereby accept this contract as offered by the Noria Journalistic Agency. I understand the terms of this agreement and agree to abide by all the rules and regulation herein or face charges in the Courte of Miami.

Name (Printed): _________

Signature: _________

Witness (Printed): Mel Delancy CSR, Noria Journalistic Agency

Signature: _________

Date: _________

Location: _________


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